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Music @ Mausams

B.Prasanna (more popularly known as BP) is the talented composer of the Mausams soundtrack. As the theme song has just been released today (Feb 17 – which also happens to be Prasanna’s birthday!), we quickly caught up with this genius based in Chennai currently.

In true indie spirit, Prasanna’s first take at making music for a feature film. ‘ I don’t have any major experience! You can just say I am relatively a newcomer. My experience is little apart from playing for a few Indian Instrumental Ensemble shows at the National University of Singapore Center For the Arts.’

So how does an electrical engineering graduate from the National University of Singapore morph so effortlessly into the role of music director for Shilpa’s pet project? ‘ I had worked with her on her musical project before many years back, titled Bollywood Beats,’ he explains, referring to Shilpa’s 2006 musical staged at Jubilee Hall at the Raffels Hotel, ‘I had been interested in composing music for a while and this was a great opportunity for me to explore some stuff that I hadn’t done before.’

So after a very pleasant experience making music for Bollywood Beats, Prasanna was more than up for the challenge of working on a full-length project. ‘ She sounded very passionate about Mausams & we had a chat about making this film happen.’ And boy, did he make it happen! Not only did he work on the complete background score and soundtrack for the film, Prasanna even managed to record veteran Carnatic music singer Bombay Jayashree for the theme song of Mausams. ‘ I had a great experience recording Bombay Jayashree for one of the songs,’ he says emphatically, ‘ She is a beautiful singer; I am happy that she agreed to lend her magical voice to the theme of the film.’

Upon graduation in 2008, Prasanna decided to follow his passion and successfully made the switch from engineering to working full time in the creative industries. Working from his base at Tatya Creatives in Chennai, Prasanna has composed 4 songs for Mausams which are currently in the final stages of production. He has also scored the background music and overseen all aspects of sound design for the movie. ‘Shilpa’s intention was to do a simple, enjoyable, feel-good film,’ he explains when asked how he filters the essence of Mausam’s into its music, ‘As the title ‘Mausams’ suggests, it is a ‘Hinglish” film; people speak in English but the film has Indian sensibilities. I hope the music reflects that as well.’

As an experience, Prasanna insists that Mausam’s has been one of his most special projects to date and plainly states his admiration for Shilpa, ‘ It is probably the first for all of us to push ourselves, our limits and do something that we have always loved to do. For any project to do well, the drive and inspiration has to come from the source, the director/producer of the film. Shilpa’s conviction has been extra-ordinary, which has inspired everyone to contribute in their own way.’ Amen to that!

When asked about what next after Mausams he says he is hardly thinking beyond Mausams ‘ Right now, I just want the music to be perfect for the film.’

You can listen to the Mausams theme song composed by B. Prasanna and sung by Bombay Jayashree here.

Aparna Nambiar