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Mausams updates: We’re alive! We’re beyond alive!

Mausams updates: We’re alive! We’re beyond alive!

Hello again. It’s the end of a glorious short week. To celebrate, lets get some updates on what’s going on with our home-made-full-length-movie.

So here are some of the crayon colored episodes from the lives and loves of the Mausams team that (I promise) will adorn these web pages in the coming months.
  1. Our character artists- Navneet Jagannatan (for those who don’t know him, you have no idea how lucky we are to get him to talk) and K.Bala, on what it’s like to be talented and underappreciated.
  2. Stalking our leading lady – a peek into Shweta Sharma’s vanity case
  3. The romantic pair-Naren Kolary and Poorna Prasad on their new found international heart throb status
  4. Shivanu Shukla (who’s multi tasking on this project as producer, guest artist and husband of director) on waking up one morning post shoot, to find all the framed photographs in his bedroom featuring another woman
  5. The supporting cast Vineeth Kumar and Uthra Parameswaran talk about work-movie-life balance (or lack thereof)
  6. Dead boring technical stuff by Shilpa for the movie making geeks.
  7. And then some more.
Yes, it’s as trivial and entertaining as all that- this is a commercial venture after all. However, at the end of it all, perhaps you shall find that behind its shiny, plastic veneer, Mausams might actually be reflective of a deep seated urge within the squashed heart of our generation to tell their story.

Which is?

A few years ago, the world waxed into a gigantic village, with globalization spreading like an infectious rash that turned everything into a shade of offensive steel-gray. Everybody found themselves doing the same thing, wearing the same clothes, feeling the same way and doing nothing about it. Since then however, things have improved- everyone now has a means to color their lives with a little bit of creativity and determination. So in effect, this is the story of Mausams and the story in it.

So anyway, feel free to totally disregard the last paragraph and just focus on the fun to come over the next few months- with two teasers, website launch, official music launch and trailer release, all leading up to the grand finale of the official movie premier in early 2011. So while the real movie makers put in those grimy, backbreaking hours in the film factory, we’ll continue keep you entertained with this idle chatter.
I’ll see you back here in a couple of weeks!

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